on a mission


I have known Sigrun since 2014. When I first saw a picture of her, I was a bit scared. Her blond, almost white hair and clear blue eyes reminded me of the snow queen, this beautiful but cold hearted fairy tale figure. We met on January 7th, my birthday and I immediately realized although her outer appearance might be intimidating, she has a big heart.

Meeting January 2014

Money Mindset Blockage

I watched her development from a distance, always taken aback by her openness especially around her earnings, not realizing how big my money mindset blockage was at that time. I loved to watch her grow and was happy for her, but it never occurred to me that one day I would start my own business online.


Well, this changed faster than I thought. After losing my job as a veterinarian right after my maternity leave (14 weeks in Switzerland). I was shattered. I took me a whole year to get back on my feet and find a new purpose. By opening and reactivating my sixth sense I found my new calling, but even then, I never expected to earn MONEY with this talent. Funny or not, with the completion of my education as sensitive coach and holding the certificate in my hand- I was told to start, not to do many more further educations but to start- the world was ready. Me too? I was, but I had no clue how. Two months later, in September 2017, Sigrun launched her SOMBA program and I was ready, ready to take her hand and start moving.

Focus, strategy and execution i.e. walk the talk

It doesn’t mean that SOMBA will solve all the problems for you and that you will encounter no more obstacles. The more you grow the more you will be challenged, but SOMBA gives you a community of likeminded people, a sisterhood, where your growth will be celebrated and you will get support when needed. You will be guided and sometimes pushed, but the work and the willingness to do it, are up to you. There is no magic stick, no fairy, no get rich quick scheme, but one step at a time, consistency and accountability, which will lead you to a business, you might not even dare to dream of today.

female entrepreneurship

What I like and appreciate so much about Sigrun is that, although being so successful and famous, she stood true to herself, her values and beliefs. And she has no intent to change this, as we could experience when she threw out one of her webinar participants, trying to promote her own site in the chat during the webinar. Some people might call this harsh, I call it brave.

So, thank you Sigrun, for all your support, your inspiration, your incredible boost of energy and for the unforgettable time in Iceland. You are a true role model and you are on a mission. I am grateful to be part of your mission and I strongly support it.