Intuitive Business Coaching

Dr. Barbara Bryce

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Are you an over achiever and high performer?

Strong minded and highly motivated?

Do you feel stuck?

Are you ready for something new?





and a career?

I am an inuitive Business Coach.

I was an over achiever and high performer.

I have a gift, a connection which I use to support my clients on their journey.

I coach you to use your intuition and follow your dreams.

Intuitive Business Coaching

Dream big

Potential, Purpose, Leadership

  • 1:1 sessions  
  • individual planning
  • vision and strategy
  • integrity, mindfulness and courage
  • flow, ease and joy
  • with support from the universe


three months coaching

1600 €


six months coaching 

3100 €


twelve months coaching

5990 €

with ease and joy

Greatness and Success

Hi, I am Barbara, Dr. Barbara Elisabeth Bryce to be precise ;)

I am a veterinarian, I hold an eMBA in interantional General Management, a Yoga Teacher and a New Spirit Coach.

I am a mum of three kids, married for 8 years soon. We live in Switzerland, have a dog and four hens.

I am half Swiss, half Scottish.

I have the calling to coach and use my sensitive skills to support you on your journey.

It is my honour. 


Due to my sensitive abilities I give you a unique perspective on you and your potential. 


Do you know your WHY, your dreams and visions? I accompany you on your journey to your life purpose.


A treasure chest filled with tools and the support from a higher source, all individually taylored for you and your journey. 

With ease and joy


  • It is time to stop overthinking and to use your intuition.
  • You are allowed to lead a joyful and fulfilled life.
  • I offer a unique combination of medical background, business experience and sensitive skills.
  • Let us change the world together!


Happy client

An enrichment!

I have recieved a precious treasure chest of tools and I will always carry this with me. To be aware of this is pure joy!

I feel more empowered and less exposed. I have all I need inside, always within myself.

Barbara - your happiness is contagious - nevertheless you are a very down to earth person. This helps so much to trust you and the process.

Simone Lippuner

Happy client


I was especially thrilled by you. Again and again I was so touched by the amount of love and energy you put into your work. 

Melly Reden