#035 Full moon

Today is the 3rd of August 2020. It is a full moon. And as many or most of the full moons, it’s a very strong one and very energetic one.

Upside down

Things are turned upside down still in the world, people are sometimes being divided by their different opinions. And it feels that these different opinions cause division, cause friendships to break up and cause us as humans to split.

Universe connection

It’s not the intention of the universe to have us divided, to have us fighting against each other, to have us, I don’t know, it’s this non- connection, which is not the plan.

Full moon vibration

So therefore in this time and in these vibrations, which are around, I would like to offer you a full moon meditation to regain your own alignment, to regain your connection and to open your heart again, even if people have different opinion, even if you feel separated, or if you feel fearful.

Your capacity

You’re more than that. You have such a big capacity, you have so much power and you have endless possibilities to lead your life. And I know, sometimes it feels different, it feels not that there are so many possibilities, you feel disconnected, you feel alone, not understood, maybe jealous, maybe angry or desperate. I understand this and I feel with you.

Our resistance

I just read the book of Abraham Hicks, Ask and it is given, and it’s so funny that I’m reading it now because it’s been around for a while and I’ve heard of it before, but I wasn’t ready for it. There they talk about connection and alignment and that the only thing which takes us away from it, is our resistance against it. Is our own thinking in our own blockage to take us out of alignment out of connection with the universe and all the connection with the abundance.

And they also referred to our feelings as indication system, as a way to tell us, whether we are aligned or not. And it doesn’t mean that you have to push the other feelings. The seemingly bad feelings away, it’s only means that we are invited to check in with our feelings to acknowledge them and to see, if we can redirect them to this fullness and to this happiness, to this deep joy and gratitude for life, for existence, for alignment, for this adventure.

Sit comfortably

So therefore let’s do this full moon meditation even if my dog is in the back is making some funny noises. So please find a very comfortable seat in a place where you can be undisturbed, it would be great if you could find a place in nature because then it even enhances your connection and your vibration.

Full moon meditation

Happy full moon!` 🌕 

Thanj you so much for joining me on this meditation on this journey, for being part of my community and for being alive.

Have a wonderful day! 

Bye 👋

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