#034 Enjoy the ride

Dear podcast listener, thank you for being with me. Welcome to intuitive life and business sparks podcast. My name is Barbara and I’m here to guide you, to support you on a journey back into your own intuition and to learn to use all your senses including your sixth sense.

I just had a wonderful interview with a friend, Julia Gruber, she was in the podcast before. She described a child who had allergies and who knew intuitively which food she could take on the on a particular day and which food she couldn’t eat on these days. And that’s exactly what I mean by intuition and by the connection to your body, but also to a bigger wisdom, to a deeper inner wisdom and that’s what I’m talking about.

Sometimes it seems difficult to describe trying to explain, but it’s not. It’s very simple and it’s not some kind of woo woo stuff. it’s very down-to-earth and it’s part of our life and it has been for ages. If we look at our ancestors, if we look at indigenous people, we see how well-connected they are to all their senses and to the earth. And that’s what we’re here for:

We are here to enjoy this life to the fullest and be on this earth with both feet on the ground and at the same time to realize that there are things which are bigger than our mind and which are more than just our physical world.

And all this together makes this life so complete, so whole and so full, deep, wide, endless.

And once you realize this, once you get a glimpse of this other dimension, many struggles and many things in the in the day-to-day life become more irrelevant and become more relative to this bigger picture and to these bigger possibilities and to this infinity which surrounds us.

So what am I here for? – you might ask. What is the meaning of my life? And what is my soul plan? people sometimes talk about. I have the big believe that’s our soul plan is not written in stone. Our soul has chosen this life, this body, this family, this time and this region on the planet to evolve, to grow, to experience, to develop, and especially also, to enjoy.

That’s why I always, or very often say: Enjoy the Ride!

And yes, it’s a very special year, this year, but maybe you realize that now at this time we have a lot of power, There’s something stirring inside yourself, which is calling you to move and to go and follow your interests, follow your curiosity and follow your passion. See where it leads you.

And at the same time, referring to my last episode, don’t forget to take a break. Don’t forget to hold the balance of action and inaction, of rest and and movement. I see this this pendulum going back and forth, to see life as part of this system, of these rhythms, seasons. All that goes into you and is part of your life.

So when you see this dimension and this bigger picture, it feels so good, because you can release and surrender a lot of your daily stress and of your daily drama and of conflict.

That doesn’t mean that I am not falling back into these schemes sometimes, that doesn’t mean that I am not struggling in my life at some points, but part of me knows and sees that: All is good, all was, is, and will be fine, no matter what the circumstances. You are really invited to flourish, to thrive, to grow, to experience, to evolve and to last but not least enjoy the ride on this very planet at this very moment.

And please don’t forget to take your break, to breathe down into your belly, to relax and to surrender.

I wish you a wonderful day. And if you feel like talking to me, if you feel like connecting and getting an intuitive spark from my side for you personally.

Feel free to book a 30 minutes call intuitive spark for free on my website. https://barbarabryce.com/intuitivespark

Have a wonderful day – enjoy the ride! Bye