#026 Conversations with nature

My name is Barbara Bryce, I am intuitive, as you are too, I’m a veterinarian, I’m a mum of three kids and I’m doing this podcast to give you sparks of inspiration and to show you how you can reconnect to your own intuition. How you can sharpen your senses and dive into this deep and joyful place inside yourself.

So in this episode I will talk about connection to nature, conversations with nature. And give you some hints and tools, how you could reconnect, how you can start communicating again, and let you experiment. Thank you for listening.

As a child

How often have you talked to trees, plants, animals as a child. No doubt, that these beings were listening and communicating with you. Later, there might have been a time, where you stopped doing this. You did not want to seem strange or crazy, or whatever, in somebody else’s eyes.

Different ways of communication

And maybe you remember your childhood, your fantasies, your fairies, all these different entities, which were talking to you. And which accompanied you while you were this child and while you were open for all these different ways of communication.

Nature is still here

They are still here, waiting patiently for you to reconnect to them, start talking to them again, listening carefully. 

Adult talk

You might have different talks nowadays, you are an adult, but you are still allowed to be playful, joyful, happy, giggling and laughing. That’s the energy they spread. And that is an energy you are allowed to reconnect to too. 

Now more than ever, it’s time to reconnect to nature and start communicating with all beings again.

All your senses

This might not happen in words, maybe more in feelings, vibrations, smells, noises, whatever, we have different senses and we are allowed to use them all.

Shinrin Yoku

Just notice this wonderful effect of shinrin yoku – forest bathing. Spending time in the forest has been proven to have significantly beneficial effects on our well being, on our system. 

Part of nature

We are part of nature too, so allow yourself to reconnect to it as much as you can. 

Nature in your environment

And yes, we don’t live all very close to national parks, but we are all able to have plants in our environment, to reach out to animals, to touch a tree, to lie in a meadow, to hold a stone, to put our feet into the water, to laugh at the sun, to hold your nose into the wind, to run in the rain and enjoy all elements.

Re-open your channels and re-learn your abilities

Please, re-open these channels and let your heart, your body, your soul be filled again with this wonderful communication, with this information, with this vibration from nature and with nature. 

It’s time to reconnect. It’s an invitation. 

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