#025 A chance to find your life purpose

Lead by example

I have met Edson and Selina ten years ago on a weekend workshop called lead by example or find your life purpose, I am not sure. Edson was holding it together with his sister Ludmilla, whom I have met through a networking event in Zurich. I appeared one hour early to the premises and was already in a bad mood, when it started. I had no clue why I was attending that workshop and I really asked myself, if it had been worth getting up so early.

Angry, sad and lost

So that was me, an angry, but in fact, a very unhappy person, most of all with herself, then in my relationship, in my job (I had just resigned a week earlier), in my body (as former marathon runner I was really not in good shape) and feeling totally lost in the world. So yes, I was in the right place at the right time, because in this workshop something happened.

Full responsibility

I took back the full responsibility for my life, instead of blaming others and circumstances for my sadness. I realized that I had a choice. I had the choice, how I wanted to lead my life, how I wanted to treat myself, my body, my partner and anybody else. I learned to connect to my dreams again and to allow myself to aspire to them. And I learned that I had something to give. It was like the starting point of an other life.


It was such an inspiring and transformative weekend that many participants kept in touch. So when I learned last week, that Edson and Selina are going to hold a similar workshop again, online and for free, I had to contact them and ask them to become my first interview guests in my podcast.

Presented by the universe

I had them in mind earlier, but the universe presented the right moment to connect.

So this is why episode 25 is called: A chance to find your life purpose – Interview with Selina Man Karlsson and Edson Williams.

All three of us have made incredible changes in our lives since the last ten years. As Tony Robbins says:

People overestimate what can be done in one year, and underestimate what can be done in ten.

And what we most probably have in common, is our curiosity and the eagerness to learn and grow.

From pain to power

So in this episode you will hear more about Edson‘s journey from an unhappy, almost depressed human being, wanting to end his life because of all the pain and ignorance in the world, to be an inspiring leader and coach, shining his light and lighting up his client to grow into their full potential.

Curiosity and passion

You will hear from Selina, what happened the last 10 years. How she found, through her former company, curious courses, her passion and gift to serve the world. You will see and feel how something gets bigger than the sum of its parts when people come together, work together, create something.

Time to serve your purpose

This is not the time to play small and hide. It is the time to shine your light and inspire, to serve and to grow together. It is the time of a new collective, new collaboration and new consciousness. Let’s do it!

Selina and Edson will be holding the “Create your life purpose” online workshop starting this Thursday June 4th and it is a big opportunity to start your journey to your being, peel another layer off from what is holding you back and find your heart path. I will be happy and grateful to participate too!

If you are interested in joining this magical workshop, please contact Selina or Edson via email:

Thank you for your being!