#024 Into the wild

Welcome to intuitive life and business sparks podcast by me your host Barbara. Maybe you’re listening or watching for the first time. And I would like to share quickly who I am and what I do. And why I’m doing this podcast.

My name is Barbra, I’m living in Switzerland, and I’m a mother to three kids, aged four, eight and eight. I’m a veterinarian and an intuitive life and business coach. I have started this podcast out of curiosity, out of the desire to share some sparks with the world, and to use this wonderful tool of podcasting, of audio to share my intuitive insights and my sparks with the world. That’s why I’m here and that’s the reason why I’m doing this podcast.

I would like you to connect to your intuition. I would like you to realize that you have a sixth sense, and that you’re able to tune into this frequency, and learn to use this sense again and to live from and with this inner wisdom. And I am on the journey with this with you. I’m not the expert, I’m still learning and my life has its challenges too, so I’m here with you, so to say.

Into the wilderness

Okay we’re at episode 24 already and what I would like to share today is the wilderness. I’m sitting here in the midst of the forest. And this is really the place where I can get back my power, where I can fine tune my senses, and where I can gain a lot of stillness, a lot of clarity and connection. Especially during these times, it’s the 16th of May today when I’m recording it, 2020.

Nature connection

Especially during these times it’s so important to gain back this stillness and this connection and this groundedness with nature and with your own senses and in your own body. Because what I see is, that every human being has this very still, calm, clear and wise space within itself. And this space has all the wisdom, has all the knowledge and all the connection, anything you need for your life. And the more we learn to connect to this inner space – actually this space is spaceless and timeless and it’s connected to the oneness, to the cosmos, to the universe, whatever you want to call it.

Learning to tune in

And once you learn to tune into this more and more. We are able to grow and we are able to lead a life with less drama, with less fear and less fight and with less conflict. Because once we realized and we gain this consciousness that we are one, everything becomes relative and everything is okay the way it is. and we learn to step out of this daily drama we learn to let things be and stay in this truth and in this connectedness, which is in yourself.

Your space

And to me this place is like a cave, or is like a cave filled with light. Or whatever space or place you know from your dreams, or your world, or your favorite place in the world. It’s something like that. And it’s a place where you are just in pure harmony with your surroundings and you realize that you are a part of everything and everything is a part of you.

Enlightenment – it’s not the plan

And I know you’re not enlightened, we’re not. You know. Not everything is just joy and happiness. We are not on a pink cloud, where we are jumping around. I know this. But we get these glimpses and sparks of this space, and of this unity and this harmony, which also exists and which we can learn to, maybe aspire, or we can learn to surrender to. Maybe we’ll never be in this state as human beings. Maybe they’re just glimpses, but this knowledge helps us so much to stay calm and to let your own light shine and to stay in this kindness in this compassion, to stop fighting and going with your own flow and finding your own inner wisdom and grow from there.

The shift

And I know we are at the turning point. It’s a big shift happening, and it’s uncertain, which it is always. Now it is just so evident, that it is uncertain. And if we manage to stay connected, to stay in our heart space and to stop our drama thoughts and our drama sentences, our minds circling around the same old stories again and again, we manage to rise above and into a new vibration on the earth. And that’s the invitation we have at the moment. This situation is not there to punish us or to test us. It’s just such an enormous shift and invitation to step into our own power, and regain our authenticity, our clarity, our Integrity, our own wisdom, and our truth, our respect for other human beings and our love for this live. That’s what we’re here for. And these big shifts are like an enormous push in one or the other direction.

Wild nature

And my invitation is to go into the wildness. Connect with your heart space and learn to move from there. And from there,  life becomes different, life becomes like a miracle, life becomes new and interesting and full of possibilities and magic. And yes there are the other energies in the space too, the energies of fear, of uncertainty, of existential loss, and also of, there’s also this vibration of aggression. And I know, nobody wants to go there.

Your heart space

So please find your heart space, find your kindness, your gratitude, your love, your compassion and also the other emotions of aggression, anger, fear, they’re invited into the space too. They’re not excluded. They’re part of you too. We are both. We are, as I said, we are not only love and light, we have these shadow places too. And now is the time where all these shadows are popping up like mushrooms in the forest.

Light into the dark

And there is the invitation to look at them with compassion, to shine on them with compassion, and to talk with these emotions. Check in with your body. Where do I feel these emotions? And where do they might come from? Are these my emotions or are they from the morphogenetic field? Where are these emotions coming from? Are they from my past lifes, from from the family, from the politics, are they coming from my side or not? And talk to them. Shine light on them and give them their space. So that they can heal. And so that you can heal.

Intuitive Coaching

My children are back in school. And I’m getting more and more space back to do my intuitive coaching again. And if you are looking for support to shine light on these dark spaces, maybe in your cellar, which have been buried so deep. And these times are forcing us to go deep.
I am here to support and I’m gaining my strength back too, to support you, to shine my light and to be here for you, to learn, to grow, to love life.


Yeah, it’s almost everything. Even if times are very special now we shouldn’t forget to laugh. We shouldn’t forget our humor and we are invited to laugh again. Because even in the darkest moments it’s so important not to lose this connection and it helps us a lot to shift our energy and to support us on our way.

I wish you a wonderful day and hope to hear you next week. If you want to comment or leave me a reply or ask something. Please do not hesitate to contact me I’m happy and grateful for every feedback I get. Have a wonderful day! Bye!