#023 4 steps to more power, clarity, joy and serenity

Welcome to intuitive life and business sparks podcast. Oh no, there is a lorry outside! It reflects very well the situation we are in. It is really that life is chaotic at the moment. Life is loud at the moment. Life is challenging at the moment.

I want you to realize that it’s okay to be in this all together. And it’s okay to be challenged. And it’s okay that you are not only joy and happiness at this moment.

So please take a moment with me to check in, in the now, in your situation, in your body, in your emotions, and in your whole being. So take a deep breath and a long breath out.

Relax your shoulders, relax your neck, your head, your fingers, your toes, your whole body and tune in with me for these 10 minutes connection and for easy tools to reconnect to yourself, to your inner wisdom and your inner voice.

Thank you for being with me. Thank you for listening. Okay let’s start!

Still chaotic

We are in a very chaotic time, situation, circumstances, whatever you want to call it. And it’s not going to be easier, probably. And also a new normal won’t exist again. Although here in Switzerland the kids are allowed to go back to school part-time. And it feels like a relief, but it’s still very uncertain and unclear, which ways will be taken, which measurements will be taken.

Hold space

So what can we do as individuals to stay in this power and also to hold the space also for family members, for friends, for clients, for whoever you are present and whomever you meet.

1 Make order into a system

2 Eliminate blockages

3 Regain your oneness and your wholeness

4 More clarity, power, serenity and gratitude

If you feel, you would like to get support in this process and have a guide pointing you to some blind spots of potential and growth – please do not hesitate to book an intuitive spark: