#022 Let’s re-calibrate our values

My name is Barbara and I’m very grateful to host this podcast and I’m grateful that you give me your time and listen to this episode. Today I would like to talk about values. We are in the midst, still, of a very special time and situation. And I don’t want to talk about the circumstances I would like to talk about you and I would like to ask you how you are, how you maneuvering through these times and how your inner world looks like.

That’s what I would like to talk about today. And especially, I would like to ask you about your values. Whether they have changed. Whether you see a shift in your values and how you manage to use them as a compass during these very challenging and wild times.


First of all please take a deep breath down into your stomach into your belly and out again. And if you like, close your eyes, if you’re not driving. Check in with yourself. And ask yourself:

How do I feel today?

How does my body feel today?
How are my emotions and feelings? 

How do I want to be today? 

Where do I want to put my focus on?

And how is my mind, where are my thoughts?.

Where am I focusing there?

What are my beliefs, fears, doubts?

And if you check in deeper, you might get a chance to ask:

Where is my truth, my inner truth, my inner compass, which is guiding me, my heart?


If you like, put your hand on your heart.

And check in with with this part of your body, your heart, not only the physical part, but also

your essence,  check in with this part

Where is this inner truth? Where is this clarity, this stillness, this inner knowing, this trust?

Feel into this space inside of yourself, check in.

And then you might want to thank yourself for having the courage to stand in this life, at this very moment, at this point in time, and on this planet.

Yes, it’s a roller coaster ride, but it’s so interesting. 

You are at the right moment, at the right place, in the right body. And you know, your most inner being knows, that everything is alright, even if everything outside doesn’t look like that. 

Your values

And also, this inner part of yourself has values. Go and check in with them:

What are my values? 

How do I want to be, now that I know that there’s no way back, 

now that I’m forced to be more authentic than ever, now that I’m really asked,

what do I really want and how can I serve?

What is my purpose on this planet at this very moment?

Your heart’s longings

And yes, some of us have very existential problems or challenges ahead. Even there the question is:

How can I serve?

Why am I here, what am I here for and what does my heart long for?

And many things your heart longs for are not necessarily material. 

Maybe your heart longs for a long walk in silence outdoors.

Maybe your heart longs for connection, a deep talk with somebody, who just listens to you, who sees you with open eyes and an open heart.

Maybe your heart longs for rest, for stillness, for inaction.

Maybe your heart longs for gratitude just for being alive, that’s all, nothing more needed.

And once you allow yourself to let your heart be filled with all these longings, you start to see the abundance and you feel abundant and you might act in abundance. 

Once your tank is full, your love tank, your heart tank, it will overflow and you will be ready to serve the earth. The serve. To live the life you have come here for.

And these values I would like to talk about. They are like signposts. They’re like guides. They are like a map, which help you find the right way for you, not the way you think you have to follow someone, but your heart path. And these values help you to stay connected and stay true to your own heart.

These values help you to learn to say no, or say yes. Whether they are aligned with your values or not. These values help you to stay so clear on your goal, your vision, in your life. They help you to navigate in these stormy times. They help you to see the beauty and the joy and the gratitude everyday.

These values are here for you as support, as friends. They’re like imprinted in your essence.  And yes, there might be situations, where you don’t act according to your values. They don’t judge you. It’s just a support system. And you are always invited to get back to these values or to change them. And in these times now, where this big shift is happening, you might throw some values, out and replace them with new ones. You might recalibrate your values. 

There’s so much information, I mean subconscious information, downloaded at the moment. And this also helps you to gain this inner wisdom. Maybe also this old wisdom from former lifetimes. 

So today it’s really the invitation to check in with your values. Maybe even to write them down and to use them as support, as what they are.

And maybe at night, if you watch the stars and you are just there, you, as a human being and watching the whole universe, the sky and the cosmos above you, you might feel, you will feel, which values are still with you, and which ones are allowed to leave.

Please take again a deep breath, open your eyes, if they are not open yet. And write them down for you, make a list for these values and have fun with them. Feel this deep joy and gratitude to have these values and to live according to them

I wish you an interesting ride. 

And, maybe, if you feel a bit lost, or if you are insecure about your values or about other things, which are happening inside. I happily invite you to an introduction call with me: 

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Thank you for listening and have a wonderful day, bye!