#021 Night stillness in nature

Welcome. Tonight I send you some night noises. I was asking, what I should talk about. And all there was, was stillness and the noise of nature, the sound of nature. So maybe sometimes. it’s okay to be still and to listen to nature.


It doesn’t judge, it doesn’t complain. It’s just there, in the present moment, in its rhythms, cycles of birth and death, of rebirth. And we are part of it. We keep forgetting it. We are part of nature. We also have our cycles, our rhythms. We also are born and will die, and will be reborn. It reaches us so much. It nourishes us. 

Mind blowing complexity and perfection

And it’s so huge, so complex, so perfect, that our mind is not able to gather the whole complexity. We know glimpses of nature, of functions, physiology, cell functions, immunology. And as we know glimpses of the small parts we only know glimpses in the big parts too, in the universe, the cosmos, in quantum physics. We start to get hints how immense this world is and how cause and effect are influencing our life. But what we gather more and more is how much our mind, our thoughts, our vibration are influencing our life. 

New era

And as the changes are so immense. We enter a new era of a new consciousness and of an opportunity to learn to use our brain, our mind, our thoughts consciously, in order to support our life our growth, our being, and the whole planet, the oneness. Maybe that’s why nature is inviting us to stillness: To realize our connection with all there is. And to realize our role in this whole thing. 

Time to wake up

It’s time to wake up, to be still, to be grateful, to know what you want and to be very clear truthful, committed, loving, knowing, to go for your dreams and live them now, in the present moment. It’s all you have and all you ever will have: This present moment.

Time to wake up and soon we will be able to hug again, to touch again. We will be grateful, to meet again, and to be more connected than ever, to gather, discuss face-to-face, laugh grateful for friendships, community, compassion.

Different level

And, as I said before, it’s not going to be the new normal. It’s going to be different, on a different level. We all have grown and evolved in this time time. It’s time to wake up and to listen carefully, to enjoy, to have fun, to laugh, love, breathe and be present. 

Thank you for lending me your time and energy. Have a wonderful day, moment, and a virtual hug to you.