#020 Freedom

We are in the midst of a very interesting time. Sometimes it feels like a tunnel, sometimes it feels like a bubble, sometimes it feels like a box, or like in the middle of tornado or maybe even like a birthing channel.

Yes, it might frighten us. Iit is challenging. These times are bringing up a lot of emotions from inside which have been buried for a long time and which are cracking up your shell at the moment, because you can no longer hold it. I know that this is not funny and that many, many people are struggling.

Get your mind clear

However I also know that this is an absolute chance, and in some way also a gift, which has been given by the universe, to clear out your inner clutter, and to realize that all you see in the outside is mirrored from your inside. And there it starts. There’s no more room for hiding. There’s no more time for procrastination. There’s there’s this huge, immense invitation or also force to check in and to realize what is true for you, what resonates, and to get your mind clear again around your life, around your body, around the way you want to live.

Deep love

And maybe all this in the outer world all these circumstances happening at the moment had to appear, so that we humans get a chance to, not only to rest, but to hold space for yourself and to find this space within yourself with this deep love for yourself and this clarity and calmness.


And what is also living there in this Heartspace is the courage. The courage to stand up for your truth and to see which values are important to you, and to be ready to fight for them, if necessary.


And I have titled this episode “freedom”. This is really the word which is blinking up at the moment: freedom and gratitude. These times are so interesting. There is much change going on even energy-wise.

Sharpen your senses

This is really the time where you can sharpen your intuition, you can sharpen all your senses. There’s the option to get out of this stronger, clearer, more shining and more aware and with more courage than ever before. It is an option doesn’t have to be this way.

An option

There are many other options too, but I would like you to focus on this option, and not on the other options which are pulling you down again. Which are vicious circles of negative thinking of panic of anxiety. And I’m not saying that we as humans should not be anxious sometimes. It’s our survival system and survival mechanism. Feel this fear if you have it and process it through your body, I said it before. And then meditate as much as you can and spend as much time as you can in nature, in the sun and listen.

The shift in all systems

And yes, also society is shifting a lot, it’s turned upside down. It’s asking you to get clear about your values, about what is important in your life. And with this clarity you will know which next step to take. Be very aware of what’s happening inside of you and around you.

Other world

I can’t tell you where it’s going. It’s in the tunnel. And take it a big roller coaster ride, and check in with yourself and be with yourself. And from there you will find the path by taking one step after another. And we all will find a way out of it, one way or another. And we all will be changed after this. Normal will not exist anymore. The world is changing and we are part of it.

Incarnated now

I wanted to say nothing to be afraid of. You are allowed to be afraid. But you as soul, as cosmic being in a body, have chosen to be incarnated on this earth in this body at this very special moment.

And I am sure, we can learn from this, and grow and evolve as a society.

So all I can invite you to, is to stay with yourself, stay true with yourself, check your values, be clear, be calm.

And take nature as your companion, as your connection, as the place to ground and heal to cry and be humble, to ask and to get answers, to sharpen your senses and talk with the animals and plants, if you want to. 😉

Stay with yourself and thank you for your courage to be in this present moment.
From my heart to yours.

All the best!

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