#019 The C – Situation

Today I would like to talk about the C situation. As the virus starts with a C I have found many Cs reflecting the situation and also Cs to, I mean the letter C, to know, or to hold on or to find your truth. So if you’re curious please stay with me thank you for listening 


Let’s start with the first C: crisis we are in a pandemic crisis and are told by our governments to take or to follow the measures they are sending out. And for example in Switzerland people are very disciplined, most of them stick to the rules, and it’s okay so far. But in the minds and in the feelings of people, especially the older generation, they have flashbacks to to other situations in their life like World War II, where to had to be kept inside and where they had to be anxious, and where you did know whom you could trust or not. So it’s a bit of a mixed feeling. On the surface everything seems still alright. We can be very grateful to live in such a new country with such a good health system and also with good supplies and things are organized and quiet more less. I am very aware, that this is not the common state in other places in the earth at this very moment and I send my sincere, I send beams of light to these places where the challenges are a lot bigger.


I already used the next words it’s called challenge. Yes we have very challenging times ahead. It’s not only the disease or the virus which is spreading and the deaths. It’s also the economic change and also the change of the workplace as such. And many other areas are also involved like traveling, how we treat elderly people, how they treat chronically ill people, the whole way we look at ill people, illness and health, our whole health system, everything is kind of, could be, turned upside down.

Chance and Change

And it’s a big, the third C, it’s a big chance to see the good in this crisis, to see the good in this, the fourth C, in this change. Because it is a big change. And it feels like the doors to go back are closed. There is only one way which is forward, and that’s okay. Still, we are in the midst of it, so nobody can tell what the world will look like in a few months. And there’s a lot of untruth in the discussions. And there are things, it’s also the word manipulation is shown and people are restricted in their freedom, in order to save vulnerable part of the society, as it is said. I’ve talked about change, so the change I see , the possibilities, the transformation, is that  this is such an important time energy-wise and frequency-wise. Maybe you have symptoms of fatigue, maybe you feel really tired even if you might not be working. And this is also a sign that the energy level is rising. And the many people are feeling it physically, either by tiredness or by symptoms in their body. Maybe you have a funny digestion, maybe some joints ache, maybe your back your neck. Yes it can be a stressful time, if you are anxious or if you’re going into fear also then you have maybe physical symptoms. But also I myself feel it physically that there’s like a shift going through the world and also through the people.


The next C is calmness. that’s another invitation again to stay calm, even if you see that some things don’t resonate with you cuz you going to trust what media is telling you even if you don’t know what this is for good for, even if you don’t know where the money will come from in the future. It’s an invitation to stay calm to stay in your body and stay calm and trust: the universe will provide. And the universe provides in many thousand different forms. Don’t expect maybe like it money dropping from the sky, but it’s my be money appearing from unknown sources. And even if you don’t think that’s the universe it might still be and take it joyfully, trust the process. It’s also not the time to step into agitation and wanting to sell things. I don’t know it sometimes feels a bit like playing with the fear of people. You are of course allowed to serve and to support people on their journey. Especially the topic of immunity about which I that talks about in the last episode is so important and instead of making people more fearful I also want you to become stronger and your immune system to become alert and strong and we have a body was capable to adapt to almost any situation.


The next C is clarity although it doesn’t seem clear yet what is true or not and there are a lot of uncertainties around the deceased around the virus and it’s also unclear whether the measures we take a really the right ones. And all this will clear up soon, all this dust, all this fog will disappear and we will find clarity. And the truth will stand last. The other thing about clarity is, that you are now invited to first clear your inside, clear your mind, clear your heart clear your body. Once you have done this clearing inside, the outside will get clearer too. You will feel clearer, your senses will be stronger and more sensitive to vibes to anything. We are entering a new level of frequency of consciousness even. So stay very clear inside and also with your wishes. What do you really want? and don’t step aside and make excuses it’s not the time. Be unapologetically honest, clear with yourself.


Okay, the next C consciousness. I actually didn’t have it on my list for the popped out now so it might be important. It’s also something I feel very strongly that the consciousness of people is increasing. And even if they don’t I don’t know if they don’t feel attached to any self development things. That doesn’t matter. It’s inside and they grow from the inside. And this round here, this crisis is another step to lift or to increase our consciousness, and to feel our connection even stronger than before. It’s also this crisis is here to, again, talking about these old fears, remembering world war II or other crisis, you might had, or your ancestors had in their life all this is now healing in this next crisis it’s popping up and going through your body, through your emotions, in order to heal now. 


The next C is compassion. And this C starts the compassion starts with the compassion for yourself. I talks about it before I know. And the friend of mine said it’s so nicely to me I’m because there are people bothering her some kind of crazy people disturbing her during the night knocking on walls and things. and she says: I’m giving them to C bonus, which means yes people are feeling edgy at you at the moment, and it’s an emotional roller coaster ride at the moment. So give yourself and your fellow humans some credit, give them a C bonus and don’t get into anger, don’t start to compare and stay in your own health and in your own strength by giving the C bonus now.


The last C is creativity and I love following Elizabeth Gilbert. And she just has a very simple journal where she scribbles notes and makes colorful sketches. And even people who say they’re not creative anybody is. And it doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to be beautiful in a objective way. Just do it to let your heart flow out through your fingers and do it by hand written. Make a journal or it’s such a special time and maybe your children and your grandchildren will ask you how was it and how did it feel.  And maybe it’s good to describe what’s happening, and how you are feeling. What your thoughts are, your emotion and what’s happening around you. And his creativity is a very helpful process to learn to digest and to learn to process all the information, all the life we’re living in at the moment.

This was the last C and I hope it helped to stay in your strength. And I know this process, this C situation will go for a better, I feel it. I know there are many ways, but I also feel and hear and see how nature is supporting us and how the universe is supporting us. How the whole world will grow stronger out of this situation, how we will be more connected on a different level.

Connection and cooperation

Another C connection and cooperation. And this is also a word new word: new work, new work models are also real work but I’m on new levels in a new way will pop up. and always in crisis there was the chance for new inventions and for new creative ways of living together.

So whatever goes through your mind or through your heart. Whatever crazy idea or creative idea. Use it. Write it down, tell about it go out if your ideas and let them fly around like the bees at the moment with the trees which are blossom.

And I’m at home with the three kids now, but I want to offer intuitive sparks which are 20 minutes sparks to get more clarity in your own life, in your body, in your mind and your heart. It’s really a spark from the universe for you. if you’re if you’re interested send me an email and we’ll find a way to talk. https://barbarabryce.com/en/contact/

Thank you for listening and have a wonderful day.