#017 Extraordinary situation – your health

Welcome to this episode in a very special time. What a crazy world we are living in at the moment. Things which have seemed impossible are now reality. It’s something between a science fiction movie and some kind of utopia taking place at the moment.

Since two weeks my kids aged four, eight and eight are at home. And we get the mountains of homeschooling homework. And yes I am in the midst of it all together with you. However having a medical background, I am a veterinarian, and using my sensitive and intuitive skills at the same time, give me the opportunity to have my own perspective of the present moment, and of the things which are going on in the world.

Nevertheless I had physical symptoms too, like coughing, a sore throat, even muscle, head, and back pain, which I normally never have. And they made me humble, they frightened me and they made me ask, how much I want to step into this field, and they made me feel how big and strong this field really is.

Made to learn 

I want to go into some medical background, although I haven’t studied the case and the virus in whole detail. And what I would like to say is that viruses are common. And there are new viruses from time to time, and we are made to learn to adapt to these different diseases, and to adapt by getting the immunity, by making our immune system stronger, and getting the right antibodies against these viruses. So it’s like our inner body system has to learn this new code and has to take effective measurements against this new virus.

Time and a healthy body

This takes some time, this also takes a strong body to be able to sustain this attack by the virus. So what we can do at this very moment is support our own body, support our immune system, try to stay healthy. And there are many many tips and many people giving you advice. I don’t want to give you too much advice because I know you will find the tools which suit you best.

Your digestive system

Nevertheless, I started working as a veterinarian again. I see how important your digestive system is and how this is a very crucial part also of your strength and of your immunity. If I’m allowed to give you one place to focus on: your digestive system.

Fresh food

And this starts by the food you eat, plants, mostly if possible. I’m not a vegetarian I’m not vegan either, but I’m aware that it’s important to have enough plants in your diet, fresh plants.


That’s only one part. The second part which helps you to boost or sustain your immunity is the gut bacteria. There you find very good supplements of probiotics, it’s like bacteria which you can take to balance your gut flora. So that you have more of the good bacteria which support your digestive system and also your immune system.  

Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B12

And the talk is also about many vitamins. I would like to talk about two: one is the vitamin D3 which I would also encourage you to take. And the other vitamin, is a b vitamin, vitamin B12 which also supports the nervous system. And since this fear and this uncertainty is causing a lot of stress and anxiety, our whole nervous system is, it feels like wiry, it’s on high alert and this can lead to to a certain fatigue of the system. Vitamin B12 can support the nervous system.

I’m not going into detail because I haven’t studied it in detail. And I would like you to do your own research, and see if things resonate with you or not. I come from a very self-empowering perspective and also from a perspective, where I want everybody to take his or her full responsibility for their health, for their well-being, for their wealth, for their state of mind, for everything their whole life, as I am doing it too.

Air, Water, Movement

Okay, so now there was a lot of information about your immune system. Of course exercise, movement on the fresh air, fresh air, taking good breaths in fresh air, freshwater all that is important to to support your immune system

Clean and clear mind

And last but not least it’s important that you take good care also about your thoughts about your mind and please I beg you, be very careful and be very clear what kind of information you want to feed your mind. Please try to reduce the news, of course we need to be informed and we need to know about the measures of our government. 

Window of news morning and evening

So give yourself the permission of a window let’s say a half an hour morning half an hour in the evening with certain, with official websites and official sources of information. And then limit this, to this time. Don’t let your mind be flooded by any other, maybe also misleading information, or by things which make fun of the whole situation, or by comments or by victimization or whatever. There is a very chaotic flood going on and you don’t want to jump into this.

Keep your mind clean and clear, so that they can support you again best.

Anxiety, stress

And when anxiety or stress pops up. Feel it in your body and then use movement, use singing, use laughing, use screaming crying, whatever, use your body to let these emotions go through and out again. It’s okay, it’s uncertain and it’s okay to cry. However, also there,  give yourself the permission to do that on a limited time and then go on and try to focus again on what’s important at this very moment.


And being at home with the three kids you might have heard me screaming more than normally. They’re pushing my buttons, very clearly, well they know how to push them. And also of course,  I have my tools, but I am human too, so I get stressed too. If I realize that I start screaming at the kids and that the stress level is too high, try to make distance between the situation, between the kids and you. Go for a short walk. Give every family member the permission and the opportunity to have their own space and brakes. And yes home schooling and education is important, but maybe it’s more important to stay healthy and not to freak out.

Humor, laughing, gratitude

In all this we shouldn’t lose our humor. We shouldn’t lose the gratitude for what is. And we shouldn’t lose our laughing and the positive part of it all. It’s really, there’s so much beautiful or so many gifts in the situation too, the opportunity to have family time, more than ever normally. The opportunity to watch nature recover, to see how the whole society is slowing down, of course with financial consequences, but still, it’s it’s a rest for us all

Time for decisions – no more procrastination

And it’s an opportunity to stand still and to make the decisions, which have been long procrastinated, which have been postponed. And now is the time. They can’t be pushed away again, you have to take the decisions for what you really want in your life. It’s this very moment. And this doesn’t mean that you have to start to get some kind of actionism. It just means that you take the responsibility back for your life, it means that you stand in your own power and that you prepare and that you’re ready for whatever is going on. 


And it’s also time to have your still moments, to get very calm, to trust, to surrender. Nevertheless it’s not a full passive way, it’s a way of clarity and it feels like old layers or old skin is being peeled away. And we are in this very big shift in this growth and this change together. We don’t know what the outcome yet, but it’s really an invitation to to go through this metamorphosis and to stay in your light and your power and just be.


I know the times are uncertain. And I can’t tell you why this all is happening or how the outcome will be. I only know that now is the moment to be very honest to yourself. And also to your closest circle of people around you. And also to be very kind to yourself, and compassionate with others. It feels like after this skin has been peeled away, we are all very fragile and so is our nervous system, our whole system is fragile, because we are in the midst of this change.


So the more than ever again it’s important to take extremely good care of you. And I speak now especially also to all the caretakers, mothers, to all the helping people, please take care of yourself first. I know how challenging this might seem, or can be. I know that maybe especially my generation or even a generation before, I am 42, is not used to put yourself first, but in this very moment it’s so important to take care of yourself first. And I’ve given you some tips and tools some hints and my perspective on this situation.

And I wish you so many moments of happiness of gratitude and of the realization, that all is good and all will be good.

I will do we clean meditation sessions in order to keep the space and the energy for those who want to join, please find the link here.

Have a wonderful day.