#016 A new situation

Welcome to this podcast episode about this virus and what it might teach us, we can learn and how we can stay calm, grounded, trustful and compassionate. Thank you for listening! 

The incidents this week were quite dramatic on Friday afternoon, 13.3.2020 , in Switzerland our Bundesrat, the federal council, like the highest instance, they decided that the schools will be closed until the fourth of april at least and this is one of the measures they take to avoid further spreading of the virus.

This has quite an effect on us, the inhabitants of this country and also of the world probably because other countries are looking at the epidemic and taking their measurements.

An opportunity

And the interesting thing is, if you watch or observe, how people react. Or even if I observe myself how I react. It’s a mixture between curiosity, asking myself, if I should be frightened or not, interest, and also the knowing, that this can be an opportunity for new creative ways of living together and acting in an empathic and compassionate way.

Hands-on and intuitive

I have been working online for quite a while and I have just started to work as a vet again. I love the combination of hands-on work with cows and horses, cats and dogs and the intuitive work. I’m still trying to find the good balance in this and I love doing this podcast because, I give myself the right to speak my truth or to share my intuitive perception.

In the midst of this all with three kids at home

So here I am in the midst of this with three kids at home now, with the work as a vet and as an intuitive life and business coach. And I’m staying curious to be honest, I understand when people get into fear and anxiety. And this unknown and this big uncertainty causes a lot of fear. And what is worse, is like trying to suppress this fear or play over it, or make fun of it or anything like this is very counterproductive.

Surrender, trust, rest – all is fine

What I would like to invite you to, is to surrender, to trust ,and to rest. And maybe if you allow yourself to stop, to rest, to meditate and to listen deep inside yourself, you will find this very calm, unshakeable place in your heart. Where you know, everything will be fine, even if the circumstances are really wild, are insecure, are uncertain, even then, everything’s going to be alright and is alright already.


And especially watching the children now, not having to go to school anymore doesn’t affect them. I mean they’re quite happy to stay at home. And also there, it feels like, maybe we find new ways new way, new models of learning, new models of education.

Connected with our hearts

The other thing which I feel strongly, is, even if we are told to stay isolated, not shake hands anymore. It feels that with our hearts we are even more connected

There is like a wave of… there is this connected feeling, that we’re all in this together the whole planet.

Big change

Yes, the vibes are high and the anxiety is there too but there is also this knowing that there’s there’s a big change going on and that it can go for a better.


And the wonders we have, or I observe daily, is especially nature. Nature is just, we have springtime here, and it’s just watching the flowers coming out with the birds singing the days getting longer again more light, more life.


And also the possibilities with our technologies I see the whole online also the social media world as an opportunity to grow together. To stay connected in different channels. I even heard a colleague who is a psychiatrist, say, that she made her first video session and she was so surprised how well she could feel her client. And I was so happy to hear it, because that’s what I am feeling too. 

We are connected now matter what

We are connected no matter which tool we use. We are even connected  if you don’t see each other, if we don’t know each other, if we don’t know each other’s birthdate or whatever. 

Calm and close to your heart

So it’s really an invitation to stay calm and stay very close to your heart and feel the heart to heart connection with every being on this planet.

Stay compassionate and empathic, also and especially for yourself. And if you get into fear, verbalize it, let it out, talk to somebody, or look for help.

You will find support

There are people around you, who can help you. And my doors are open too. And you will find the right people to support you, to get back into your strength, trust, into your inner peace. 

Have a wonderful day and stay calm.

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