#015 The field of fear – four tools to stay in your strength

In this episode I will talk to you about fear and this huge field of fear which is built up at the moment via different channels and my perception and my thoughts about this whole thing.

I will also give you four tools to gain back your strength and to avoid stepping into this field of fear too much. 


There are several viruses in this world. And one is talked about a lot at the moment. It has even reached our schools, our children, not the virus itself, but the information about the virus. 


And it was very interesting to see the reaction of the kids. How some of them reacted very frightened, and others didn’t. It is the same with the adults, some of them step into this huge energy bubble of fear, start to buy foods in case of emergency and really give, not all of their thoughts, but a lot of their thoughts to this fear and to this topic.

We feed the monster with our thoughts

And the thing is, the more thoughts are thought on this topic, the more the energy field is fed, and the bigger the bubble or this fear cloud gets. And I’m not telling you that it’s not real, that this virus doesn’t exist, or that nobody died of this virus. 

Your choice

I’m just telling you, that you yourself can choose to either feed this field of fear or to step out of it. It is not that you have to ignore anything which is going on around you. I just invite you, or I would like to make you think different thoughts, positive thoughts, so that this field of fear is not fed more. Because it’s like a monster, because so many people talk about it, it gets bigger and bigger and it gets a lot bigger than it is. And that’s what I would like you to see.

Mechanism of fear

And what does fear? Fear makes our world very small, very limited. And it makes our radios a lot smaller, it takes our freedom away. And it makes also our thinking small. Our minds are not on their top performance when we are in fear. We have this old fight, flight or freeze system which comes up. And many freeze or a flight, like they run away. And fear, or this field of fear makes is also very controllable, and whatever or whoever is profiting of this fear in human beings is…. there are things going on on a different level. I don’t want to give you more fear, I want to show you that you don’t have to step into this field. So I give you these four tools.

Choice: freedom or fear

Number one is the choice: Freedom or fear. And you wanna choose freedom instead of fear, go and look for positive things in your life, real things, a child who’s smiling at you, the food on your table, the beautiful sunrise or sunset, nature in general, animals, whatever you can touch and feel and is real and feels good, step into these feelings and see how your own energy level and your own energy body is shifting. How this fear stiffness is losing its grip, and how you can regain your own power – you’re not powerless. You are a very powerful being, and by choosing your thoughts, you can regain this power.

Body care

Number two is about to your body, about your immune system. And yes there has been a lot of talk, how to support your immune system. When I look around what is a bigger threat to your body or to your whole health, it’s not this virus. It’s the way you live, it’s what you eat, how much you move, how stressed you are, and how you balance your whole life, work and whatever there is. 

How do you treat yourself? 

And this is so much more important than this field of fear around this virus. It’s so much more empowering, because it’s in your hands. It’s your choice what you eat, how much you eat, how much you move and how you treat your body, and also how you react to stress symptoms. If you have your tools to calm down again, get back into your body. And treat your body really as a temple. And then this fear field and also the virus cannot attack you, because you are in your own power, in your health, in your body.

What do you feed your mind with

Number three is the media topic. The more you read about this, the more information goes into your conscious, but also subconscious mind, the more you are inhabited by these fears. So my suggestion is to stop reading all this media, to stop all this information flow going into your system. And this is a choice too. It’s your choice what you want to feed your mind with.

And I know I once was it this date what I thought this is not possible. I have to read the news, I have to be informed. I don’t read the news anymore, and I trust the universe that the information, which I have to get, which is important for me, will reach me, on some levels in some channels or some other. And since I’m doing this, there is so much more space for other things. I can have positive thoughts. I can enjoy my life. I can influence my direct environment and try to be the best version of myself in this environment, which I can reach, touch, be. 

And all the other stuff, which is going on in the world. I’m not saying, it’s not important. You are connected to it, but it’s not so direct. It does not help, if you feed yourself with all this negative news. It’s to nobody’s good.

Fear and love

I started with fear or freedom and I end with fear or love. And you can’t love and fear at the same moment. And it connects to the point of the media. You can influence things which are just around yourself. You can influence your own energy and the way you look at things. And it’s not to suppress any fear or to tell yourself you’re happy and your not. It’s not what I mean. It’s more to choose to balance things out, to get into stillness and to ask yourself what is real and what not. And how do I choose to be in this world and of course you can be angry, you can be fearful, you could be anything you want. It’s not only black and white, it’s a mixture and you choose your own mix.

So these are my thoughts about fear. And I see the fear really as energetic cloud hanging now over a lot countries. And, it’s interesting, I have just observed, all the things which have been cancelled now in our region, are the things which would have been fun, a football tournament, concerts, everything where people want to gather and have fun together have been cancelled. I am not telling you that the authorities are wrong, it’s just an observation

So go and find your own fun, in your own way, in your environment with your friends and family. And don’t, please don’t step into this field of fear with your thoughts or words. Enjoy and love and be grateful for the freedom you have.

Thank you for listening. 

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