# 014 Get your power back

Have you realized how powerful we are? Far beyond our comprehension. We tend to forget this power, this energy flowing through us. And this ability to use this energy for whatever we want to create in life. 

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We are powerful beings far beyond our comprehension

You might hear the river in the background and the snow falling down on the microphone. When I’m recording this I’m outside. And by walking up the hill, I realized how powerful we are,  far beyond our comprehension.

Energy flowing through us

We tend to forget this power, this energy flowing through us. And this ability to use this energy for whatever we want to create. 

Limitation from our mind

And what limits our power and the flow of this energy are limiting beliefs, are experiences,  past experiences, maybe even trauma, and also the ego, part of the ego wants you to become big, and the other part wants you to keep small.

Surrender, get out of your own way

And both are not, who you really are. So sometimes it just needs you yourself getting out of the way of your power, and letting it flow like the river in the background, or letting it drop like the snow from the sky. And see how it can grow and flourish, without too much intervention, without the ego getting stressed pushy or giving up. Just by keeping this loving thought or even the feeling of the person you are and of the power you have. The power which is all around you and even, or especially, inside yourself.

You are an energy channel

We are just a channel for this energy. You can choose to use it, or you can choose to let it flow through you or not. What helps you to open these energies, these paths, is watching your mind and your self talk, watching your habits, watching the way you are being. Are you being this powerful being, this powerful human being? Are you acting out of self love and compassion? Are you aware of all the abilities you have and are you grateful for all there is? 

Solarplexus – your inner sun

I’m very intensely working with the chakras at the moment and the solar plexus chakra, located about three fingers above the navel. It is your inner sun, your center, it’s your engine and fuel at the same time. And by saying if we are powerful beyond our comprehension, it has a lot to do with the solar plexus chakra. With the ability to realize that you are in charge of your own life. You have the responsibility for every single thing happening in your life and you have the choice as I said in the previous episode.

Connection to time and the material world

This solar plexus chakra is also related to time and the material world. It helps us to be in this material world as cosmic beings in this body and to materialize whatever desire we have. And so many people are struggling with money. And this solar plexus this chakra in balance supports you to be able to lead a life in abundance,  time-wise, money-wise, love-wise. 

Permission to abundance

And the picture I see is you are allowed to dive into this money flow and to have joy with it and to materialize your wishes, even if they are immaterial. Yes you are a cosmic being living in a in a human body, and this human body is here to stand with both feet on the earth and to create, to have fun, and to allow yourselve to be as powerful as you are.

A unique, precious, magnificent being

You’re such a worthy, unique, loving, magnificent being. So allow yourself to dive into this world fully, with all the abundance and with all the material things too. And allow yourself or allow your sun your light to shine from within you, inside out. By doing so, you inspire everybody around to do the same. The world will become different this way.

Thank you.

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