#013 Synchronicity and destiny

Welcome to episode 13 about synchronicities and your soul path.

I believe, that one the most important principles in our life is our free will, our ability to choose in any given moment how to react and how to go on with our own life.

However there are obstacles, illnesses, accidents, things that happen around us and with us. But even there we have the choice how we want to react to these events, how our thoughts are about theses events, and how our emotions, our reactions are. 

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Thank you for letting me serve.

Your destiny is not pre set

So I don’t believe that our destiny is pre-written pre described and even our soul path is not – it’s not written in stone, I would even say. There are things, which we are invited to learn, to develop, to grow. But still, we don’t have to, nobody forces us, nobody pushes us in any direction. It’s our choice. 

And you might laugh or might get cynical and say:  I don’t have a choice. I have to go and work. I have to feed my family. I have to do this treatment against this disease. I know what you mean. And still, I believe, you have a choice, how you want to react and maybe even see the gift behind some incidents, some accidents, some illnesses, or whatever happens in your life, as dramatic as it might seem at the beginning. 

Two sides to every story

There is always two sides to everything. And the judgement, good or bad, dramatic or lucky, happy or with bad fortune, it’s our judgment, it’s our own judgmental system, which labels things and categorizes and puts them into boxes. 


What I would like to invite to think and feel is, and even realize is, the choice you have how you want to react to your circumstances. And even see the power you have within yourself to change. 

You are your habits

And the change lies not in the very big events, but the change is in your daily habits.

If you manage to implement small daily routines, which help you to get back into your

own inner being, into your center, into gratitude, into your clarity and focus, where you want to go and who you are in your innermost self. If you manage to cultivate these small habits daily, the changes will come and the growth will come, and you will see signs. You will meet opportunities, you will learn to trust more and more your intuition and your heart path. 

Connect to your body, relax and listen carefully

It could be that you feel lost at the moment. It could be that you are in despair, that there are so many question marks and you don’t know where to start. Please start with your body, with your breath, with your sleep, with movement, nature, with just looking at the stars and walking in the forest and finding the answers there. Go and listen. Whatever question appears, allow yourself to relax your mind a little bit, let this control go, and surrender. And see what kind of answer appears, what kind of feeling, or whom you meet, or whatever.

Learn to trust

Learn to trust the universe. And the funny thing is. Once you start to vibrate in this gratitude. in this more relaxed state, in a sense of calmness and readiness. The doors will open and opportunities will show up.

Go for your heart’s longing

Just allow yourself to stop judging, to start choosing your reaction, and to go for whatever your heart is longing for. I wish you a wonderful journey!

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