#012 About giving up

A difficult day

Last week I was about to give up this podcast. I had really a tough day, asking for the meaning of this all. I couldn’t see the path, where it should go on and how and why I was doing all this and to whose service I was. It was a difficult day. 

Be reliable to myself and others

And the first reaction to this doubts and fears, was, that I immediately send an email to my podcast editor and said, I am going to pause this podcast. And I thought, this was going to give me relief and freedom and whatever. Well, he was very kind and asked why and what was the matter and he said, it’s not advisable to just give up, to pause because it helps to keep the momentum and to be reliable to yourself and to your audience. And after this day, I realized, he was right.

Black and white

And the day where I had this crisis or these big fears and doubts. I was all in black and white thinking. It was all either or. It wasn’t possible to link the two worlds. It was impossible to allow myself to still continue this podcast and work in an ordinary job. And what I learned was, the universe doesn’t know either or. They invite us to know both. To allow both in our lives and stop this black and white thinking. 

We can always choose

And it’s not this, that’s giving up is not an option. We always have the choice and our free will to make our free choices. But still, we always get signs,  like helping hands, which are showing up, which you can either grap or ignore, but they will show up again. Maybe one day you’ll grap one of these hands and you’ll walk a certain part of your path with this person with this helping hand. And then, when you feel, that you have the power again, and you gain the clarity, you can continue walking on your own.

Lending a hand

And that’s what I’m doing with my work. I’m just lending you a hand. Taking you by the hand and accompany you for a certain part of your path. And once you gain back your strength, you gain back your reconnection to your own intuition, and you gain back your own power,  it’s called self- empowerment – I let you happily and freely go on.

My own doubts and fears

And don’t think that my own path is so easy. I have my challenges too. And that’s why I had this day of doubts and fears and my question, if if it’s any use what I’m doing. And also the sense of giving up and stepping back into an ordinary life, or into normal, maybe. So the universe invites us to think out-of-the-box, and step out of these boxes, and realize how much more there is, and that the world is ready. So many people are waking up, and everybody has its own connection and its own way to express their faith, or whatever you want to call it.

Step back

What the universe is also inviting us to realize, is to step back. Step out of the drama and step back. And get a bit more distance from the daily challenges, and see it in a different perspective maybe. Maybe see it as your own, your older version of yourself, maybe your version which is a hundred years old. Take this version next to you and look through their eyes at your life. And then a lot of things get smaller, get less important and loose their dramatic state.

Relax, trust, commit

So we are invited to relax. Even if the times are very stormy, very strong. We are invited to trust, trust your gut feeling, trust your intuition, trust your own path, and your own truth. And last but not least be patient. Please be patient with yourself, with the world, with whatever desire you have. You are allowed to have this desire,  but it won’t happen tomorrow, maybe. It takes time, and it takes your own endurance, your own commitment, and your own clarity to move towards these desires.

Life has its seasons

And what’s also showing up again and again. And when Elizabeth Gilbert, posted this on Instagram she really made me cry she had a friend who wanted to join her when she was going on this journey for her Eat Pray Love Book, but this friend had kids smoking so she couldn’t join and she said to Elizabeth, that she should take her with her in her heart. And Elizabeth said, we will be free again together in another season of life and that life has its cycles, waves and seasons. And even if it doesn’t seem, if you don’t seem free or ready or if the circumstances are not the way you want them to be right now. There will be other seasons in your life and you can move freely again, when your kids are older and then you can do whatever you want to do in your life freely.

About giving up

So please don’t give up. Keep this star up in the sky. And keep looking at it. And use is as a destination use it as a compass. And it’s maybe not the the reason why you’re here, you maybe never reach this star, but you have a longing to move towards it and you have a calling, and you’re here to serve. And whenever you get doubts and fears, it’s okay. 

Rest, relax, new perspective

Get a rest, get some distance, take two steps back or sidewards and look at it from a different perspective. And when you need help with this, there will be people holding their hands towards you and you can either grab it or not. It is your free choice, your free will and be sure that life will get you and give you opportunities, again and again.

The universe has you back

Life will give you signs. The universe has your back. There’s no right or wrong, just you a free choice. And know that all is possible, both if possible, it’s not “either or”, it’s “both and”.

Thank you for listening and have a wonderful day.