#010 Joy of life

The idea for this topic

Today I would like to talk about the joy, the joy of life. And it’s funny because I usually ask about my topics, because I myself think I’m not very…,  how should I say, I would do a lot more head stuff and mind stuff. Therefore I just let it flow this way. So that’s why it’s joy today. 

Our life from a higher perspective

And the message I got is something along the lines of, you know it’s from a higher perspective, whatever it is, whether you want to call it a spiritual perspective, archangels, whatever kind of entities or whatever – I have not the right words for it I just have a feeling for it. And they say that we are so much trying to control things and to grind and to, I don’t know, to take things so personally, that we lose our joy in life. 

They are shaking their heads

And it’s not that they’re getting angry or upset but they sometimes I see things like people shaking their head or like trying to alleviate all this burden report on our shoulders, on our bodies and on our minds. And the perspective or this higher entity just tries to show us that first of all we are not alone and second we shouldn’t take things so extremely personal, we shouldn’t try to control things and learn to have this joy again.

What do I mean by joy?

And by joy I’m not meaning this running around with a big smile and inside you’re such a sad person. I’m not meaning that you’re telling yourself every morning: I’m happy I’m happy I’m happy, but you’re not. It’s not this “labrador” “happy happy happy grateful grateful grateful” state. It’s more this inner connection and this knowing, this calmness, this place so deeply inside yourself which is unshakable, which has so much trust and so much wisdom also. That whatever is going to happen or whatever is happening it’s fine. It’s okay. 

You are perfect

So when you learn to connect to this inner part inside yourself and to realize that all is good, that you are perfect the way you are and that it’s not required to react to fight and to control so much. It’s not required to to be so hard and strenuous. It’s okay to let go, to loosen the grip and to even enjoy it. 

Unlearned joy

And yes, many of us have un-learned to enjoy life. We have learned to function, we have learned to use our mind to use also our mindsets, which are not always very friendly. And they have brought us maybe very far maybe you’re a high achiever, maybe you have reached and gained a lot in your life. And maybe you’re also at the point where you realize:

  • Was it really worth it? 
  • Where am I going? 
  • Where’s my joy? 
  • Where has it gone? 

Dare to ask: What do I really want?

And there is the place to explore. There is this place where you can go and open the doors to this inner being. And so many people just do things or work or study just for the sake of it. They have never been asked, what they really want and they never dared to ask themselves, what they really want.

I just recently traveled in a train text to two students. And one had almost had to go out of university because he didn’t pass the tests. And he said he doesn’t really know what he wants, he doesn’t know why he’s doing it. And that makes it really hard to study and to be motivated and to love what you do.

Stillness and follow your joy

So I invite you to take some quiet time, stillness, if possible in nature. And ask yourself: what gives me joy. And if you need a hint, go back to your childhood and see what gave you joy there. What did you love doing? What brought you so much laughter, so much joy? And go and explore this joy – go and find it again! And take it as compass, take it as measurement the quality of your life.

The money will follow you and your joy

And then I hear the old mindset sentences: “Well just for fun you would earn the money.” 

I promise you, you will. If you do what your love and if you do what your heart is longing for, if you allow yourself to find your joy again, you will find the money too, or the money will find you. And you don’t need to know how, you just need to know what do you want. And how you can be the most joyful version of yourself. Now they’re happy!

Yes – It’s an invitation to go and explore your own joy of life. 

From my heart to yours have a wonderful day!