#009 wild times – how to stay on the board and ride the waves

2020 is a magic year. What cannot be underestimated is the high vibration coming with this magic year. And still, challenges are appearing more frequently in this higher frequence and the title already indicates it: the times are wild. So how do you stay on board and ride the waves and not get drowned?

High Vibes

First of all I would like to say that the vibes are high and they’re not negative or positive per se. This is always an interpretation of us.


It’s our choice how we want to look at it and with which vibration and which emotion we want to go. It’s our choice to have a melancholic layer on everything or to have a positive or a more joyful layer on everything, even if things, circumstances are challenging or maybe also especially, when circumstances are challenging. 

Joy no matter how circumstances are

And the picture I get is:  for example children in very poor countries. They find joy in unimaginable corners, in unimaginable ways, very creative, spontaneous ways, even if their circumstances are so enormously challenging. 

Focus and presence

We tend to forget how fortunate we are, how abundant our life is and how much joy there could be, if you would focus on what there already is and if we could stay just in the present moment. This is the challenge nowadays in, let’s say, our “first world”. 

And the tools I want to give you to say on the board and ride the waves of a joyful life of a fulfilled life and like also diving into your full potential


This means that you first of all need, or are invited to be rooted in yourself. See the magic being you are, the uniqueness you have and bring to this world. And realize that all is already here. Everything is already within you or around you. And by stepping into this, I would even call it heart zone, your heart center and really stepping into this and embody your whole being. Your whole perception can shift. And the basis for all this is grounding yourself on this earth. Indulging into the way of being and enjoying life. 

So what do I do when things get challenging when I or my mind is trying to trap me into fear anxiety doubts, whatever.

Cold water

I have learned to change, almost to shock my system, to change my state of being and what helps me a lot are cold showers in the morning, after sports or whenever.

And what is even more – what gives me even the bigger kick, is jumping or swimming in a cold lake or in a cold river. It lets me feel alive and it reconnects me with the world, with all there is, with the vibes with the energy. And my body feels so refreshed afterwards. It’s as if all these mindset things have been washed away.


Another tool or something which supports to ground yourself is eating vegetables, which is coming from the ground, so roots like carrots or whatever, just what does you good. And now in winter time I would rather cook it, although some people say you should eat it raw. Your body can digest many vitamins better when they’re connected with oil. So I suggest, to find out, that you go and find out, what does you best, whether it’s raw or cooked. And how you digestive system and your whole energy system is reacting on healthy, fresh vegetables, either cooked or fresh.


Another thing, which is very grounding and which really takes you back into your body and into your joyfulness and which helps you being ecstatic in your body is sex. It’s something which is not shared very often in spiritual worlds, but sex helps you a lot to enjoy being in your body, as you can imagine. And it helps you to get grounded. It’s funny: people who have, who, yeah who indulge in their sexual life, they have a different form of the aura and you can see it, if you read them.


Another thing is holding money. It goes into a similar category. Money is just a means to live on the earth. And I have talked in previous podcast episodes about it. And it really helps you to get grounded, already holding it and loving it. Invite the money into your life and don’t have negative feelings to your money. See what you can do good with your money. Hold it. Give it away happily and receive it gratefully. 


What also grounds you so much is movement, walking, sports, weight lifting, yoga, fighting sports, whatever. Any kind of movement helps you. Maybe jumping is taking you a bit off the floor, but anything else, which is connected to the ground and which helps you feel yourself inside of your body and feel your whole body vibrating and pulsating your blood flowing through all your cells and all your organs. This helps you to ground and to get down to earth.


And last but not least what I love a lot and my yoga teacher has just reminded me of, is a foot massage every evening before bedtime. First of all it’s a treat to yourself. But it also helps you to connect your feet with the ground. And realize how much weight they are carrying every day. And what I see is that they have like, you know like the geckos, they have these small parts (vacuum cups) which hold on the ground. And when you treat them well, they are able to let roots grow down into the earth, energetic roots of course. But they help you to ground and to, not stick to the ground, but to don’t slip or don’t lose your ground.

Stay on the board

And all these tools help you in these wild times to stay on this board and surf on the waves, ride on the waves. It’s an invitation from the universe to stay on this board, to enjoy the ride and flow with the waves not against them. And stay curious, stay open-minded, stay trustful, faithful, all is good and enjoy the present moment. I wish you a wonderful time.


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