#008 Clarity


This topic appeared out of nowhere, but it was so clear, so unstoppable and just there. First I thought it was a joke because things feel very chaotic at the beginning of this year challenging and not as easy, light as I thought it would be. 

Crack open your heart

Nevertheless I feel that the high vibes and the challenges are here to crack open the last bit of protected him layer around our hearts. 


This chaos is here to see the beauty in it and to grow even more. This chaos is here to radically accept who you are and move from there.

This chaos has so much power and is so incredibly creative and has nothing to do with old structures, strategies, plans or whatever. This chaos is here to fly on it, with it,  flow with it and learn to take this easy ride with it. To let the fear go again and again, to let the doubts go again and again and to unapologetically accept your being, accept your way and you’re longing, your existence, your life.

Clarity in the midst of the chaos

It’s going deeper and higher at the same time. And even if the system is very challenged. In the midst of this chaos, there is clarity. It’s so clear to break this heart open.It might feel like a muscle ache in your heart. And to let all this power, all this light, all this love and gratitude be part your life don’t hold back for a second chance allow yourself to find this clarity activate system of your.

Allow yourself to shine

Don’t dim your light. Don’t hold back for a second chance. Allow yourself to find this clarity with the wisdom of your heart and allow yourself to reconnect to your dreams. To this greatness which is part of your being. And yes, let the magic happen, anything is possible for anybody.

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