#007 Deep Sleep

In this episode you will learn, why deep sleep is so important. And how you can improve your sleep in order to refill your energy. 

You will get six easy tips on how to improve your sleep and connect with your dreams. If you want more tools and support, please go to barbarabryce.com/deep-sleep and buy my deep sleep package.

For a long time sleep was not on my radar. I have very deep sleep and I thought it was natural. Only after working as a coach and realizing or hearing how many of my clients have sleep problems, sleep disorders, sleep deprivation, whatever, I have learnt to acknowledge, my own healthy deep sleep, even with three kids

And therefore I would like you to learn new tools or a different set of easy tools to get your deep sleep. 

At the end of this episode you will even find a link to a product, a series of videos I have made especially for you to learn your deep sleep. Go out and check it out!

Importance of sleep on many levels

So why is sleep so important? It’s such a resource for your whole body, your system. It’s a time of regeneration, especially and also on your cellular level, on your physiological level, but also in your mind, in your consciousness. 

Sleep as a waste of time

In the old world, in the high achievement world, people thought sleep was a waste of time. And CEOs were showing off with their four or five hours sleep a day, telling or trying to show people how hard they were able to work and how much they could achieve with these few hours of sleep. Also there, I think, a mind shift is happening.

Connect to a higher intelligence

In our sleep, in the deep sleep we enter state of unconsciousness. We enter our subconscious mind. We have dreams. And we have sometimes this special connection to a higher force, a higher intelligence, a higher wisdom. And therefore sleep is such a valuable, such a precious resource in your life.

Improve your sleep

Maybe you might I ask what what’s the state of unconsciousness and how can I connect? There are different rules to improve your sleep. And by improving your sleep, it will help you to dream more, connect with this unconsciousness and have this very regenerative sleep.

Tools and rules for a better sleep

So I would like to give you a few sleeping tools, sleeping rules. They’re not new, they’re not complicated. And they are there to find out what is fitting your life. They are not strict rules. Use them as basis, but twist them. Use your own creativity to make them work for you.They don’t need to work for anybody else but for you.

1. Food

So one of the rules is eating the last meal at least three hours before you go to sleep. Because when you let your body digest while you are sleeping, it is not the same regenerative sleep as when your stomach or your body doesn’t need to digest. This is quite a simple one, but still, our life is so full. So how do you eat three hours before you go to bed? Try to find ways to do it or to try it out. Maybe use two hours first. Maybe skip a dinner. Try it out and try it more than once. It needs a certain frequency, a certain training to see a results. And when you see that it helps then keep it. Just experiment with it and see what happens.

2. Screen time

The next is screen time. We all know that these lights from our screens iPhone, iPod, iPad, whatever, they’re not good for our physiological sleep. The light is telling our body that it’s not night yet. So try to reduce screen time before bedtime. Maybe even reduce artificial light before bedtime. If you are very sensitive this can also help. You can use candles. 

3. and 4. Rituals and Gratitude

And that’s also part of the next point of rituals. Have your ritual to go to bed. That’s what I’ve been told with my kids. It helps a lot to, especially when they’re still babies. to to let them fall asleep easily alone. So rituals can be lighting a candle, sitting in stillness for a moment and maybe also, that’s another point, feeling this gratitude for whatever there is or for just being alive.

5. Movement

What also helps enormously for a very deep sleep. And also this is such a regenerative sleep. When you move during the day. When you do some kind of sports. When your body and your muscles are tired in the evening. It helps a lot to calm down and to sleep.

6. Water

And last but not least. Water. Make sure that you drink enough water during the day. That you don’t go to bed with a lack of water, of fluids. Also this has a big impact on your sleep quality. 

So these were six little tools, very easy. They are never complicated, the question is just:

  • Are you willing and able to implement them? 
  • Do you find playful creative solutions?
  • Do you give your own sleep enough importance, enough respect, to treat it and to enjoy it?


And what pops up now is also the dream you can have. If you want to have, you’re always dreaming, but if you want to remember your dreams. You can keep a dream journal really next to your bed. So that, in the morning, when you’re in this state between sleeping and awakening. There you are most likely to remember your dreams. And when you are in that state you can grab this journal and scribble a few notes about your dreams. Also this is a question of training and practice. And again, how important is it to you, to do this, to remember your dreams, to work with your dreams, to ask questions and get answers in your dreams. Try it out but again make it easy, with ease, with joy, with happiness.

As I said in the beginning, I have a special product for you which helps you to gain your deep sleep back. It’s called deep sleep and you find it in the link in the show notes. 


Thank you for listening.