#006 Magic Money

In this episode you will hear, why money is so important this year, 2020. And why still so many people are repelling money, instead of attracting it and why they are struggling with it. And you will learn to change this. Learn to attract money, not only make money but attract it like a magnet. 

I was walking in the forest and asking what I should talk about in the next podcast episode. And in the middle of nowhere I found a money bill: ten Swiss Francs it’s the same as $10. 


It was hidden or it was mixed with leaves, autumn leaves. First I was very surprised and happy, but there was also this old mindset that, this money belongs to someone else and he lost it, so maybe you shouldn’t take it. Do you have two right to take this money? Are you allowed to take it? It’s not your money, somebody else has lost it. So all this mind stuff went through my mind.

Allow yourself to attract it

When I finally took it, I was really joyful and grateful. I even took a picture of it. And I realized: it is okay to take money. It is okay to attract money, even if you are an intuitive or spiritual being, as we all are. But in this spiritual world there are many people who are not taking the money, who are not attracting the money, but are repelling it. Who are living in such a lack that they can’t share their gifts fully with the world. 

Fill your cups first

This year is the year where we are ready to share our gifts, ready to let the money flow in and out, to fill up all your cups first and then to act and to serve with these cups filled and with this self-love,  with this self worth, with this self trust and with your own responsibility.

Hard work is over

As I said before in previous podcasts: the hard work is over because people feel what your vibes are. How much energy is left for your customers full hearted. And how much self love you give yourself first. Then you have the presence, the focus and the energy to serve, to deliver high quality from your heart energy work. 

Energy and vibes in business

Maybe you are in a profession where you think: this that has nothing to do with me. But it does. Watch yourself: how you are working when you’re not feeling well, when you’re sick. Watch yourself how many customers you have, when you are not taking good care of yourself. See how important it is, to hold this energy and to keep it. It’s this oxygen mask which you have to put on your face first, even if you are with a child and then give it to your children, to your neighbors, to whatever, to whomever, to your customers. That’s the picture I get.

Money magnet

So 2020 is this year, where you can become a money magnet. Where your money manifests in many different ways, as it just has with me, finding it in the middle of a forest. 

With all your senses

Keep your senses fine tuned. Keep your eyes open, also the inner ones. See with these different eyes, where possibilities are, where abundance is. 

Thoughts and self talk manifest both ways

Watch your mind, your self talk. I have friends who are not very wealthy. And they’re manifesting it by saying 

“I have not enough. 

I don’t have to means to…  

I can’t…. 

There’s not enough money. 

I can’t do this…”

and on and on.

So watch your self talk and even your talk. Change it. Don’t focus on the lack, but on your abundance. See how much you already have and be grateful for it, but don’t say its enough.

There are infinite possibilities to use money and to make money. And to do good with money. And there are so many old mindsets sentences, which tell you how bad money should be or how bad people are with a lot of money, which is just not true.

Money is neutral

Money is neither bad, nor good. It’s just a different form of energy. It’’s very dense, very material. And for example if you hold money in your hand, it helps you to get grounded. It helps you to stand on the earth with both your feet and not fly around somewhere 10 meters above. 

Means to live

It’s the means to live on this earth and you’re here to live on this earth with all there is, also with this money. So start to attract it. Start to allow yourself to let this money flow in. Start to fill up all your cups, the money, the self-love, the health. Take good care of yourself and see what happens with your money with your business with your customers

Who are you being?

Practice this daily and see what kind of person you are becoming or you already are, as your richest version as your most abundant version. How does this person walk around? How does she look? What are her gestures? How does she smile? How does she act? How does she treat other people? What are her values? Which is her behavior?

This being exists already

This person exists already. Connect yourself with this person daily. Be it and see what happens. I wish you a wonderful day! And next week I will talk about deep sleep, another resource for your well-being health and wealth. 

Bye for now.