#004 2019 reflections and 2020 vibes

I have to smile, because for a long time I thought, fortune-tellers and all these astrology talks, was like glazing into a crystal ball and just telling people what they wanted to hear. However, since I have gained my intuitive skills back and since I am more sensitive to the environment and to the vibes of the earth I realized, that there are things and collective themes in different years and that it supports us to understand, why sometimes it feels so challenging or why people get sick or whatever.

Look back, look forward but stay in the present

So I invite you to this 2019 reflections and 2020 vibes update. To have to look back and have a look forward, but still stay in this very moment. 2019 was very high-energy power-ball, I would say. There were many challenges, yes, but there was also big growth and a lot of personal development. Many topics of self-love, self-trust, self commitment and self-worth popped up and had to be looked at and had to be worked through. We had to have a very honest eye on ourselves, not only  the eye, but especially the heart

2019 we had to learn be honest to ourselves from our hearts

It feels like I had to learn or we had to learn to be extremely honest with ourselves and like value also ourselves and set clear boundaries, learn self love as a daily practice, also learn self worth, pricing was a big topic and self trust and commitment. So this trust had something to do also with patience with one self and the commitment was like taking one step after the other, without bashing or without judging yourself for the speed you are at or the places you are at. And the thoughts which popped up or even the old themes which have popped up again this year very intensively, just to realize, that it was a new cycle to let go.

Your personal growth 2019 was your groundwork for the coming year

This personal growth “stuff”, I would call it, these four pillars of self-love, self-trust, self commitment and self-worth were the groundwork for the coming year. It’s like these fundamental basis you need to move on and to grow from there. It was so important to face all this during the year and be true to yourself. And also let all these emotions come up again and digest or transform them again, on a new level. 

Acknowledge your growth

It was also the year of growth. Please look back at this moment a year ago and just realize and feel how much you have grown in this year. How you have developed – it’s really amazing how much people have grown and transformed

What seemed impossible is the new reality, the new normal

And the theme is, what has been or seemed impossible a year ago, is possible now, is normal. It’s not so far away it’s even already manifested. It’s reality. Let this sink in, when you look back and feel this gratitude for your path, for all your accomplishments, your growth, the honesty to yourself, the truth, the patience with yourself, the commitment, the trust. All this melts together in this 2019. 

Everything was turned upside down as preparation

And yes, I know many people are glad, it’s over. It’s been really challenging, but it was important. I have the picture of a farm and a ground, which has to be prepared and the earth has to be turned upside down before you can set in new seeds and that’s what happened in 2019. Everything was turned upside down to prepare this ground for more growth next year.


So the next number is 2020 and it’s a new decade. And it feels so fresh, it feels lighter, it feels more joyful. A lot of work has been done, this groundwork has been done in 2019 and now everything is prepared for the magic to happen. And maybe you think: “What is she talking about?!” And that is okay. Just listen, if you feel like it and don’t try to, like sometimes the mind is not prepared yet, but there is another part in you which is listening. Yes 2020 is the year of magic, miracles happening. Maybe things which seem really crazy in a positive way. And it can feel also a bit scary at the moment but you will see in a year that it’s worth it. 

Invite ease, light, joy into 2020

It’s hard to explain, no it’s not hard to explain. It’s hard to believe, I know, but it’s only hard if you tell yourself it has to be hard. So let’s invite this ease, this light, this joy into 2020 and just allow these themes to flow into your whole life. And it’s really an invitation to these topics and to this – it’s like an underlying melody. And yeah, just let them in and invite the magic into your life for 2020 and onwards.

Clarity, power, courage

2020 will also be the year, where you gain more clarity. It will be even more clear where you want to move, in which direction and the more clarity you will gain, by moving on, the more power you will gain too and the more courage. It’s always, look, every step you take, you will have doubts, the doubts will never go away, I promise you,  but what also will grow is your self awareness and also your courage to overcome these doubts and to still move on. Even if it’s scary, even it if it sounds crazy. And even, if you – not even – but you are allowed to invite miracles into this journey.

Support by the Universe

And what’s also there which is really cool: the universe has you back. It’s really. It’s sets up something like a support system or a tailwind, or whatever. As long as you stay in this clarity as long as you move on and don’t give up and stand committed and – it will be a crazy magic unbelievable like it’s like it’s like mind-blowing 2020 and it will be a really cool ride

So again I see many question marks now from people listening. And that’s okay. 

Money Manifestation

What I will be setting up for next year is a group of like-minded people who exactly are ready for this crazy ride and my part in this is holding space. It’s really my main part and it’s also supporting you on this journey to trust more and more your intuition and your own path and your inner truth and move from there into a successful business. And yes money is blinking too. It’s really the year of the flow of money. This groundwork is over and now it’s really time to plant the seeds, have this patience, but then also let the things grow and let this money flow into your life, this abundance and all this power too. It is really the year of the money manifestation of your mindset growth or explosion and of your thriving and of the miracles, which will become…. it’s like the universe is just showing you already there are so many signs of miracles, of support and more you trust and see the signs the more you will get and it will be a crazy cool. 

Crazy cool group for a magic 2020

So please, if you feel like having this ride in a group of like-minded people and growing together, having more clarity, more power, more courage to move on and being supported by something higher – Universe, whatever you want to call it and also by me –  please check the link in the show notes – I will be happy to have this ride, to to see your growing this year and to harvest all the money, all the success you deserve Have a wonderful day! Thanks for listening.