#003 Why intuition and business?

The work life balance myth

To me life and business are interconnected, interwoven, energetically inseparable. 

And work life balance sounds to me like a joke, a myth, because they’re both in the same container. So how can you balance them out? It’s more, that we are allowed to find a way to align our work and life according to our heart and our intuition. And that’s what this podcast is about, thank you for listening

the hustle and grind time is over

For a long time hustle and grind, hard work was the way to success, we believed. And these mindsets still exist. “Money doesn’t grow on trees.” “You have to work hard.””You need to take action, massive action.”” Work until your eyeballs bleed” – all these sentences are in our DNA. They have been inherited by our ancestors. And we still have parts of these sentences in our DNA, but we also start to realize that there are new ways, different ways to live and work, to be. 

The highway

To me these are like two streets: One is a highway. It’s flat, it’s straight and it’s well known. It’s a lot of work, it is a long distance and there are many many cars driving on it.

The other way

The other way is maybe unclear. There are not so many signs. It’s not a street. It’s more like it a gravel road, but it’s a lot more aligned with your heart. It’s a lot more interesting and adventurous. It requires a lot more of your creativity, of your instincts and of your playfulness, to find solutions to follow that gravel road or that jungle path, or whatever. It’s not a straight highway. It’s somewhere in nature and it has its obstacles. It has its challenges but it’s so much more fulfilling. It’s so much more aligned with your heart and it gives you infinite possibilities and fun and freedom. 

And yes, many spiritual coaches, or no, many business coaches have found out about spirituality and are realizing that things are shifting and businesses are shifting and that people are no longer willing to sacrifice their lives for a company which only requires hard work. That’s why this podcast is so important and that’s why intuition and business are so important. 

Intuition as key to success

Intuition gives you the key to your business success. And it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take any action at all. It just means that you are allowed to check in with your own compass, with your own desires and dreams, visions and values, and move from there from this resonance. 


And yes, you are required to step out of your comfort zone every day, again and again. To overcome fears and doubts. To challenge yourself and even to learn, that he can be easy. 


Be surprised and don’t snap back into the old hard work, grind, hustle scheme, just because it’s easy! I’m laughing but actually it’s not so funny. We are more used to the hustle and grind and we love certainty. So sometimes we just snap back into this, even if the other feels a lot better. It’s very scary sometimes when things go that easy, when they are so joyful. And then this mind conversation sets in: “I don’t deserve this, it has to be hard and only then I can deserve.”

There was a young German coach, who made fun of the mindset thing, of meditation, money manifestation by meditation. And first I got triggered by it, but later I learned how hard she works. And of course she works hard, because she doesn’t believe in the manifestation meditation and mindset story. And it doesn’t mean that you have to sit on a pillow all day and expect the gold to rain down from the skies. It’s something else, it’s something in your vibration, in your own energy and in the trust in yourself. It’s this alignment with your own inner being and the knowing of the abundance which is present. 


And money is still one of the tools, to have abundance and to manifest. And also to make things possible for yourself and for others. So the question is not: How much do I have? or What do you need? but Who are you being? Who are you being? Who are you being in your life and your business? What values do you live up to? Who do you allow yourself to be? Are you a hardworking person? Do you allow joy, ease and happiness into your daily life? Are you taking care of yourself and others? Are you loving yourself? All these things go in to intuitive life and business. And to learn to have a successful business at ease, with joy and happiness and still be of service is just such a wonderful thing and I’m happy to invite you on this journey! Stay tuned, bye.