#002 Your Heart –  3 tools to reconnect

Energetic meaning of the heart

Your heart is a vital organ, as you know. It’s not only anatomically so important and physiologically by pumping all the blood around our body, it also has a very important energetically, a very deep meaning and it’s not surprising to me, that so many people have heart diseases. It’s such a common way of suffering and it might have also energetic reasons for it.

We all experienced trauma in our life. It’s like part of the plan. It hardly can be avoided even our parents are doing their best, even if we have a perfect surrounding, even if we feel very happy in our life. Everybody has some kind of trauma experienced. 

Heart walls – a protection mechanism

After a trauma we very often build walls, protection layers, barriers around our heart, so that we don’t get that hurt. So that we don’t need to suffer that much anymore. We are very afraid to having to feel this pain again and this suffering. Therefore we build up all these walls all this protection. But this protection goes both sides. It doesn’t only mean that people can’t get too close to you, it also means that a lot of your things and your feelings can’t get out and that you can’t touch other people the way you would, if this barrier, if this protection wouldn’t be there. So you live a life protected in this layer and it also means that your life is not lived to the fullest.

Chance to let go

And 2019 is not only a time to let go of, like clutter and such things, but also of letting go of this protection layer. It’s a mechanism to protect your heart but it’s also hindering you from deep experience, deep movement and from living this life from this deep connection. 

Your heart is longing for more

We think we need to protect our heart, but in reality our heart doesn’t need this protection. It’s more our mind things you need to have this protection. Our heart is really longing for more deep connection, for more creativity, for more spontaneity, for surprises, for adventure or whatever there is. And we are a lot stronger than this past experience, this pain we felt. And living a life without letting this protection go, without pulling these walls down, these barriers and blockages means that you won’t live to the fullest, that you won’t experience deep connection and you won’t allow your heart and yourself to thrive, to grow, to evolve and to have this deep connection with everything there is and especially with yourself.  

The place of your deep wisdom

That’s why the heart is so important for everybody. And that’s what you’re here for: to touch and be touched by others and also have this deep connection to your own heart, to connect to this deep wisdom, this incredible intelligence and to this creative, wild, real, spontaneous, adventurous spirits inside yourself

Today I would like to give you tools to feel your heart more and start to reconnect more. If you want to go deeper I have many more tools and I have special sessions for you which help you to connect on a deeper level. But for now I’m happy to give you these three tools.

Gratitude training

The first one, you might have heard before, its gratitude. You put your hand on your heart, take a deep breath and feel gratitude, for whatever there is, in this very moment. It might be so small things like sunshine or a smiling face at you or just being alive and being able to breathe. Whatever it is, go into your heart, hold your hand on your heart and breathe in there and feel this deep gratitude. And try this daily. It’s a practice, we’re not used to this. It might sound weird, but it’s so simple. And just allow yourself to like to explore it and see if it fits or if it doesn’t.

Heart breath

A second tool, is the heart breath. This means you breathe in for five: 1 2 3 4 5 and you breathe out for five: 12345. And to it at your own counting. Try to let the breathing go long deep and relaxed. And see what happens when you do this. And realize that your heart has this electromagnetic field, which is so powerful. And by activating or by doing this heart breath you are activating this heart field. And it can communicate with your brain. And if these two are in harmony, are not fighting against each other, but are like looking at the same horizon and walking in the same direction, you will be unstoppable and you can live this life full hearted and open minded.  

Butterfly breath

The third tool is a combination of the heart breath and your fingers. You interlace your fingers in front of your chest, at your heart. And by breathing in, you lift your interlaced fingers above your head and even further right to your neck, with the interlaced fingers still together. And by breathing out you bring those fingers back to your chest and you connect it with this breath of five. It’s also called butterfly breathing and I love it a lot! If you want to see the video, how to make it, please go to my website barbarabryce.com and check out at barbarabryce.com/butterfly you’ll find the video which shows the butterfly breathing, the heart breathing. Yes that’s all. 

We sometimes forget to reconnect

It sounds so extremely simple, but when we’re stressed, when we are anxious, when we are hurt or when they’re is pain in our body we forget to reconnect to this heart, we forget to reconnect to other people and we forget to reconnect to ourselves. We are just buried in this pain, in this anxiety or whatever there is. And I would like you to lend a hand, my hand, to get out of this, step by step, slowly and your pace. Just start now and allow yourself to go your own way at your own speed.

Thank you for letting me serve!