#001 What is intuition? – 3 ways to reconnect

A funny feeling in your stomach?

I would like to talk about intuition. For many years I thought intuition is some kind of feeling in your stomach and maybe it’s not so wrong to think that but now I know that it’s a lot bigger. That there are a lot more connections than I originally thought and that anybody can have it, even if they think that don’t. So please stay tuned and see if you can reconnect to your intuition.

We are all born with it

As kids we are all born with this so-called sixth sense or the ability to see things, which can’t be seen in the 3D world. But we very early, in our civilized world, forget, unlearn or just adapt to our surroundings, so that we don’t use this sixth sense and it’s hiding somewhere inside of you. 

Reconnect and relearn

Nowadays it feels like many people have some kind of awakening or some calling that they want to reconnect to this intuition. They realize that there’s something bigger inside themselves than they know. They want to use all their senses and live a more fulfilled life from their heart. That is what my vision is too and that’s what I would like to invite you to.

Meditation, Nature and Breath

“So how do you train your intuition?” you might ask. 

Many people try to meditate but this is,  also to me, quite a difficult task. 

What I invite you to, is to spend a lot of time out in nature, in silence, if possible or spend a lot of time with kids or animals. Go out and hug a tree or do sports in nature. Whatever you do, just try to have fun and to be as silent as possible in your mind. Let your thoughts sink down into the ground and feel how connected you are to this planet to this earth. Just imagine roots growing from your feet into the ground. Observe what kind of sensations you have in your body, maybe also what kind of emotions, feelings, maybe some kind of stiffness, places which are hard, places which are soft. Just go and explore your own body. 

Your energy body

By doing this you start to reopen all your energy lines, which are known for example in the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) or in the Yoga theory, called Nadis or just meridians like in TCM. Whatever they’re called it doesn’t really matter because it’s part of your body even if it can’t be measured or shown as well as the blood stream. It’s like a net of energy which flows through your body and around your body. By using your intuition you can even read this energy flows. You can sense where things are stiff and where its flowing freely.

Meditation or other techniques help you to clear these pipelines and clear these energy streams from any thing which makes them stiff, interrupts them or which tries to block them. Here again movement is a very good tool. Breathwork helps a lot to sensitize all these parts of your body and especially your energy body. 

Practice with fun

You can practice your intuition in many funny ways. Like thinking of somebody and this person calls you. Or very practical, ordering a parking space. Or imagining some kind of happening, like a nice meal with friends and then letting it become reality, doing it. By feeling the possibilities are really endless. It’s not about manipulation. It’s about tapping into your whole potential and playing with it, having fun, ease and happiness. And also using these tools, these senses for your life and to become more free, less ill and more connected,  not the only to other people but also to the earth to all beings, to all the materials, to whatever there is.

Higher Perspective

This gives you also like a bigger perspective on the world, on your life and on whatever we do here. It helps you to see things in a new relation and to step out of daily dramas and the things which hold us small, like fears, like small mindsets, like structures which want to keep us in a monotonous calculable way of life. It’s not the concept. I will be happy to explain more in another podcast. Have a great day and have fun with your intuition! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me or go on my Instagram account BarbaraBryce_coaching and give me a comment about this podcast or a question. I will be happy to answer it. Have a great day, bye.