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Who is making the podcast and why?

Welcome to Episode 0 “Who is making this podcast and why” I am your host Dr. Barbara Bryce.

My why

Before I talk more about myself, I’m telling you why I start this podcast. It’s been on my mind for a while to do a podcast but I always felt not good enough, not smart enough, not big enough – whatever, but now I chose to do it anyway, even if these feelings might be still present at some points. It’s exactly why I’m doing this podcast: to inspire you, to learn to go one step after another even if there are fears and critical mindsets holding you back or telling you, that you’re not good enough. 

It’s really the time to start to reconnect to your heart and start to move at your own speed, in your own way on your journey, which is called life. That is why I’m doing this podcast because I know and I feel that there are many more people out there who are longing for connection who are longing for a life which is waiting for them behind all this fear and behind the need or the intention to fit in. I know that people are ready to move on on their own path. Maybe sometimes it sounds a bit strange and unclear, but you know that deep inside yourself there’s this longing and this knowledge also that you have something to give which is bigger than yourself, but you don’t know how and you don’t know why and you don’t know – whatever! You just know that something has to change.


So that’s what this podcast is for and it’s not only or not not mainly woo woo stuff – it’s also about grounding yourself on the earth, using your body as a vehicle, as a tool and also acknowledging your body as a temple as this gift you have been given as this conscious being you live inside this body. It’s so important to take care of this body.


The other part is your heart. It’s also very important in this intuitive podcast. It’s like your biggest adventurous part inside yourself. It’s also this part which is so grateful and which is so forgiving, but also knows the truth. You can’t hide from there. 


what is also part of you with your mind, your brain, your intellect, your intelligence. It’s what brought for you so far in this world up until now. It’s not that we have to be neglected or like push it away and only see the negative thing of your mind or of your intellect or your stubbornness. It’s also a gift and it’s also part of your life and your path. It’s time to learn to listen to your brain and also listen to your heart. And once they learn to communicate with each other in a loving way, you will become unstoppable.


And last but not least there’s something like the soul, the essence, this spiritual part of you. It’s hard to describe.There are so many words which have been used or maybe also overused, but it’s this part inside yourself, which has chosen to come here, into this life into this body and get this experience with all the adventure, with all the challenges, with all there is, with the fullest of this life. That’s what you’re here for and that’s why I’m also doing this podcast. I’m not waiting longer. I know I’m ready and I know if there’s just one person I can touch and I can reach, I will be really grateful.


So who am I? I’m Barbara Elisabeth Bryce. I’m born in Switzerland. My father is from Scotland my mother from Switzerland. I grew up in Switzerland. I’m a veterinarian. It was my dream job, dream profession and I have three kids.

After giving birth to my last kid I lost my job, I was fired. And it’s not only the fact that I was fired. It’s just that something inside myself clicked and some part of myself, had like a little death, something had to go away or I had to let it go, this dream of being a vet, of having my own practice and ofI like handling it all. And it was a very important moment in my life to realize that even if I’ve had worked so hard and studied hard and given all into this profession into this dream, it didn’t feel right anymore, it didn’t fit my life, it didn’t fit my family, it didn’t fit in my circumstances, but also inside myself it didn’t feel right and that was was the main point why I chose to search for something new.

Even if it didn’t know what I was going to work on our live on. I just stayed curious I stayed open-minded I did a lot of personal development work and I learned to reconnect to my intuition, to use this Sixth Sense which has always been there and is in every human being and I have learned to use it and train it. I have also seen that by using the sixth sense you can give people or I can give people a new,  a different perspective on their life and maybe also see the presents or the gifts these challenges have in place for you and also the transformations which are still waiting or which are going on and why this all is happening.

This has been so mind-blowing. It’s like a whole new universe which has opened up and of course it was challenging for my environment for my family for my friends after being a very rational, very down-to-earth person, which I’m still, starting this whole spiritual journey and even using it and working on it.

I have started my coaching business two years ago and I’m really grateful for this profession every day. It’s a challenge and it’s there for me to grow and for other people to grow and to be touched.

This is why I’m doing what I’m doing and this is why this podcast is existing now and I’m extremely grateful. There were big fears just before I started. I had nightmares. I had all these voices of telling me that I’m not good enough and that I am not ready and that it’s not perfect. Of course I want to deliver a high standard, I want to be of service, but I also allow myself to grow while I’m doing it. So I invite you to do the same.

Thank you for listening to this very first episode and I would be so grateful if you would join me on my journey. Have a wonderful day!